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Get $500+ BACK on Minitor VI Pagers

Back by popular demand, only until December 31, 2016, Fire Departments across Canada can take advantage of Motorola's Minitor VI rebate program: 

    • Get $31.25 BACK per pager when you buy one to nine Minitor 6 Fire Pagers
    • Get $50 BACK per pager when you buy 10 or more Minitor 6 Fire Pagers

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Why Choose Minitor VI Pagers?

The Motorola Minitor VI Pager was designed for Volunteer Fire departments. As the backbone of safety in communities fire departments need to be able to respond quickly to what ever emergency might happen. The Minitor VI comes standard with 16 minutes Voice storage and various vibrating tones.

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What's improved on Minitor VI?

  • Sleeker, neater, lighter
  • Designed to be unobtrusive
  • Better ergonomics
  • Improved aesthetics for better wearability


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Why Choose the Minitor VI?

Expanded Voice Storage

The Minitor VI comes standard with 16 minutes of voice storage so that important messages are never missed

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Multi Channel and Scan Options

The Minitor VI is avaiable in either 1 or 5 channels to meet your department's needs. The 5 channel model supports both Priority and Silent Scan.

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Wideband Reciever Design

The Minitor VI is able to cover the full VHF band for easy partnering with neighbouring volunteer fire departments.

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