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Perfect Radio for Buildings

DTR650.jpgThe better teams are able to communicate, the more efficient they are. If you're looking for a solution to productivity, customer service and / or safety, then it's time to consider a two-way radio. And a great option for that solution is the Motorola DTR650 Digital On-site Radio.

The Motorola DTR650 two-way radio is perfect for on-site radio communication - covering up to 20 floors of space, or 350,000 square feet (picture the size of approximately two average sized Costco warehouses).

Who has benefited? K-12 schools, Recreational Facilities, Hotels, Property Management and Manufacturing have witnessed the enhanced coverage, battery life and audio quality of the Motorola DTR650 radio.

Features include:

  • Reliable In-Building Coverage
  • Private Communications 
  • Up to 12 hour Battery Life
  • Motorola 1 Year Warranty
  • No Industry Canada Licensing Required

Download the brochure now to find out if the Motorola DTR650 two-way radio is right for your business.

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