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Download the Astro 25 Two-Way Radios At A Glance Brochure

Astro25TwoWayRadiosAtAGlanceBrochure.pngWhether you're on a typical job site, or responding to an emergency, the people you need (or want) to speak with are not always within ear shot. The job of a two-way radio is to ensure that, when seconds matter, or when you need to communicate with your team, that it can be done. A radio is there to keep you safe, and that starts with communication.

Emergency responders need two-way radios they can depend on when those second counts.

Motorola's Astro 25 and APX two-way radios are used by more than 11,000 agencies around the world, making them the preferred choice in mission critical situations. In this brochure, you're learn everything you need to know about Astro 25 and APX two-way radios, including:

  • The difference between Astro 25 portable radios and Astro 25 mobile radios.
  • Which Astro 25 and APX radio is right for you.
  • How Astro 25 and APX radios are flexible and future ready.
  • Which Astro 25 radios offer interoperability on demand.
  • How multiple agencies using Astro 25 radios can share voice and data communication simultaneously.
  • And more!

Astro 25 two-way radios are designed to keep you safe. When you find yourself in demanding situations, Astro 25 two-way radios are going to help you make sure the job is done.

Download the Astro 25 Two-Way Radios At A Glance Brochure now.

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